Green Building

The roofing industry is doing its part to be more “GREEN”. Nothing has been more un-environmentally-friendly than archaic roofing materials which for over 100 years have been defined as unsafe and landfill-cluttering.

While challenging to find just a few years ago, many roofing manufacturers have made scientific breakthroughs offering more eco-friendly and energy-effiecient systems than ever before. Some solutions reflect a significant amount of heat and are made with at least 50% recycled materials others are manufactured to create the least amount of maintenance saving space in our valuable landfills.

We even offer metal roofing systems for all project types that reduce storm-water runoff and allow the customer to harvest their own rainwater. It may sound silly to some, but as our climate changes so does our availability to inexpensive fresh water. Many counties in California have already implemented water restrictions including higher fees for customers who surpass their monthly water allotment. Having a metal roof on your home or business would allow you to catch your own rainwater, meeting water conversation goals while achieving Green Building Standards.

Ask a California Shingle & Shake representative for more information on available eco-friendly solutions.