Installation & Maintenance


You’ve decided to get a new roof ! Who completes the installation? How long does it take? Can I stay in the house while the roof is installed? Answers to these questions will vary based on roofing material chosen, roof size and roof style. However, selecting the right roofing company is one of the most important decisions a home or business owner can make.

California Shingle & Shake works with experienced, licensed & insured roofing contractors to avoid problematic situations that may arise. Let us help make your installation process as stress-free as possible.


Like anything else in your home a roof needs regular maintenance to retain its optimal operating condition. Repairing a damaged roof can cost thousands of dollars. Maximize the value of your investment by correcting problems before they cause damage. For example:

  • Tree limbs touching the roof can damage shingles and leaves will clog your gutters.
  • Watch for black streaks on the roof. This can mean mold, algae or fungus growing on or under the shingles. If it isn’t removed, it will eat away the shingles and lead to leaks.
  • If your home has an attic, keep the space well ventilated. This will reduce moisture exposure and prevent moss growth.
  • Rinse the roof off with a garden hose from top down. Washing the roof from the ground up will push water between the shingles.
  • Look for missing or damaged shingles.
  • Clean the gutters of debris and remove snow and ice promptly. Snow left on a roof can cause ice dams which prevents the water from leaving the roof promptly.
  • Check the interior walls, ceilings, exterior vents and chimneys for signs of water leaks. If you find evidence of a leak, figure out where on the roof the leak is originating and fix the problem by replacing the shingle, repairing the flashing or applying a sealant.