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High quality hybrid roofing underlayment designed to shed water

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Product Information

Weather-Armor® CX-L CROSSOVER® Hybrid Roof Underlayment is a high quality roofing underlayment designed to shed water off your roof and away from your home or building. This Hybrid product uses advanced technology combining the best properties of traditional organic felts and synthetic products. This CrossOver™ CX-L advanced design creates a superior roof underlayment with faster and easier installation, as well as improved performance and durability.

Roof underlayments perform a vital role in protecting your home or building against damage from wind, moisture, rain, UV and other destructive elements. Unfortunately, most do not stand up to the test of time. Whether it is wind, water or UV damage, CrossOver™ CX-L provides the most advanced protection in its class. Rest assured, you are protected from the elements with CrossOver™ CX-L Premium Hybrid Roof Technology.

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